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My name is Erika Lenz

I work with executives, managers, and teams navigating agile transformations and creating environments where teams can thrive. The end goal is to create sustainable work processes that truly serve organizational goals.


I focus on amplifying your organization’s ability to deliver value using the principles of lean and agile, systems thinking, and human dynamics. My strength is catalyzing your management team(s) to navigate your own path to greater agility and manage related cultural shifts. In the end, you gain the skills to actively cultivate change, make difficult decisions faster, solve problems together, build meaningful alignment, and untangle cross-organizational impediments.

My principles-driven approach allows us to experiment with which lean-agile practices work best in your context. Since 2011, I have coached transformations using Lean, Scrum, Kanban, XP, UX/UCD, Design Thinking, SAFe, traditional project management, and home-grown practices on distributed and international projects. In the process, I have taught thousands of practitioners and mentored scores of groups and individuals in leadership, product, coaching, and team-level roles.


I would be honored to partner with you.

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