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Programs for your company

The following interactive learning programs are specifically designed to support early-stage transformations or transformations that need a reset. Available in person or remotely. 

Leadership community development

A 12-week program aimed at helping groups of mid- or senior-level leaders hone their agile leadership skills. Agile leadership is closely related to transformational leadership styles that research correlates with high-performing teams. 

A special feature of this program is hands-on, structured practice of skills.


Topics covered include problem-solving in complex situations, effective delegation, sustaining psychological safety, and more. 

Agile transformation strategy session(s)

The most common failure pattern seen in agile transformation is leaders jumping in without a well-articulated direction. "We want to do agile" is a sorely insufficient call to action. Let's replace that with a message that help you make solid decisions and  motivate your teams.

For success, it's crucial to articulate the reason for your change, what measurable business outcomes you need to accomplish, and a "continuous improvement" style transformation plan. I work with your leaders to build the plan that works in your context. This is followed by weekly strategic refinement and coaching sessions. 

Coaching your change agents

Any transformation is built on the efforts of an army of change agents -- people up and down the organization who create momentum, model new behaviors, support people's learning processes, and help facilitate effective problem-solving. This program helps your change agents develop 21st Century skills in facilitation, coaching, and teaching lean and agile to adults.


Using a "guide the guides" model, this 12-week program creates a nurturing space for people to engage in the self-reflection needed to become resilient  and effective change agents.


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