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Imagine a workplace where your teams are resilient to change. 

You can lead them there.

My work focuses on amplifying your ability to deliver value using the principles of lean and agile, systems thinking, and human dynamics. I coach your management team to better navigate your own path through today's necessary transformations. Together, we learn what works in your context—to catalyze change in complex environments, make difficult decisions faster, solve problems together, build meaningful alignment, and untangle cross-organizational impediments.

Transform your leadership agility

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Evolve with intent

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Collaborate & converge

Working Together on Project


Navigate messy humans


What People Are Saying

Client 8

MVG, GVP, Technology Delivery

Erika built relationships with several senior technical leaders who were crucial for transformation success, helping them transition from detractors to active lean-agile leaders through training and weekly group coaching sessions. She was also instrumental in helping teams guiding the transformation evolve into high performing, cross-functional teams. Her work allowed us to be more productive, but more importantly, enabled many team members to step into greater self-power, ownership, and deeper teaming with others. Erika has shown herself to be honest, caring, and most importantly, authentic, with those around her. Time and time again, I saw her authenticity and honesty help people be brave in the face of change and the inevitable discomfort of transformation. I recommend her highly for any teams looking to evolve with agility, but also in a way that genuinely lifts up individuals and deepens team bonds.

Client 2

TP, Principal Engineer

Erika is always encouraging us all to stretch ourselves and learn more, providing guidance on where and how we can grow. She manages and facilitates a widely varied group of personalities and makes everyone feel respected, heard, and welcomed. 

Client 3

TB, VP Smart Data Discovery

Erika did a great job for our team in orchestrating and coaching our international team. She was key in setting project cadence, people to people relationships and blending of different cultures! Big thanks and respect.

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